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Not finishing projects since 1994.
There is nothing unworthy about wishing for a better death.

A chorus of cheers crescendoed through the colosseum as heads rolled and bodies dropped. No ordinary afternoon would see a stadium crowd so alive, but the spectacle of the past week’s shows had certainly gone above wild expectations. The rules of the game hadn’t changed, a lone participant was the soul responsible for uproar after bolstering uproar. His days of underdog behind him, entertainer would be a more accurate title.

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29 09 16


Almost five weeks into the internship now.

It’s been a bit of a rough start, but I’m managing. Though it’s not exactly my forte, or my favorite area to work in, the project’s becoming more and more interesting as I delve deeper into it. The challenge is unfolding as I work on it, discovering more and more things to take into account as I continue onward.

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Also the worst if they pop up friday afternoon.

There’s something about the complexity of most modern-day software. Something that makes it really cool, enabling it to do things we hadn’t held possible a few years ago. Or things the developer hadn’t held possible just last week. And, sadly, that’s not always intentional.

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Toying with the system for usability gains.

There’s this thing about forms on the web. Until you hit the submit or send button, everything happens locally on your machine. Yes, you got handed the page by the website’s server, and it may include static and/or dynamic limitations, but those don’t really mean anything. They’re merely guidelines. It all takes place on your machine, so with the right know-how (which really isn’t that complicated) you get to pick and choose which rules you want to obey, and which ones you ignore.

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You read something in the news about some guy who did whatever.

It wasn’t the nicest thing, what he did. In fact, it was quite troublesome. He inconvenienced a lot of people, and a select few he hurt, physically and mentally. Only a petty crime at most, but the man has definitely revealed himself a top-tier asshole, truly part of a nasty bunch. But sooner or later he gets to go home, talk shit to his wife and kids, and do whatever it is he does. And then when elections come, he gets to vote.

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