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06 08 16

What I watch for

I find enjoyment in movies and series in a few different ways.

Of course, visual media are moving (slash animated) pictures, most of the time. And pictures are nice to look at, if they’re pretty. Hence: pretty pictures go a long way towards making something fun to watch for me. If your animation is good, it conveys a lot of feeling by itself (which can be used to pick up the slack of poor writing), or maybe it’s just downright entertaining to watch. Sometimes admiring the craft alone can be a fun experience.

Writing’s also a pretty core point. If there’s no real storyline to speak of, or worse, there’s a cliche and predictable one, there just isn’t that much tension and excitement on the table. I like seeing a creative plot, interesting character development, awe-inspiring world-building. I want something with thought and careful planning behind it, so that it may inspire me to think as well.

Lastly, comedy is really dear to me. You could argue it’s part of my writing point above, but comedy is more part of micro-writing rather than macro-writing which includes everything I have mentioned already. The dialogue needs to be witty, the gags need to be funny, and the show needs to be in on its own jokes, poke some fun at itself. Nothing worse than taking yourself too seriously. Hell, even very serious shows may need to break that constant tension occasionally to give the audience some breathing room.

If what I’m watching doesn’t satisfy at least one of the above points, then it’s guaranteed to lose me as a viewer. I don’t keep a checklist or anything, but I just notice when I’m getting barely any enjoyment out of something.

I rate this post 0/3.
~ Fang


  • 07/08/2016 (7:01 PM)

    I haven’t watched many movies lately.

    I largely agree with you, though. If the visuals can bring me into that world, then a lot of the other things can sit on the sidelines a bit.

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