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28 08 16

Variety food

Nothing quite like trying a bunch of things without gorging on the good stuff.

Since our family had something to celebrate, we went out for dinner today. There’s this tapas place not too far away that serves Japanese cuisine, appropriately named Japas. You get five “rounds” to pick four items off the menu per person, making a grand total of twenty items each. That’s doesn’t sound like all that much, and I’d agree with you, but we’d both be sorely mistaken. I only managed to eat about three round’s worth food before giving up.

Still, it’s a really nice experience. Since the portions are so (relatively) small, you get the luxury of trying out a whole bunch of different items which is really fun! And if there’s something you just can’t manage to swallow, just leave it, it’s not like you’ll be starving if you don’t eat your fill. Quite the opposite, you might be dead if you do!

On the other hand, I can imagine not wanting to do this too frequently. The first time’s exciting because there’s a boatload of new things to try out, but after that it’s just “a bunch of different stuff”. Still delicious, but less adventurous.

Man, I’m way too full still.
~ Fang

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