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This is incredibly silly!

Because sometimes you just need to pack up the essentials and leave the rest behind, right?

After an unfortunate incident involving my phone, it had been misbehaving. It wasn’t a hardware thing, oh no, I always try to ensure my devices are cozy and safe! But when it decides to just bum out after some software updates, there’s not much I can do. I did restore it from a backup, but that may have screwed it over more. I couldn’t even open pictures in WhatsApp anymore, that’s how bad it was!

So what else to do than make thorough backups and then wipe the thing clean? And I do mean, really clean. Factory reset, data formatted, new OS installed. Only thing I restored from backup were some important apps and their data, but that’s about it. End result: my phone finally works properly again!

Still getting used to the quirks of the latest OS, but it has some nice things going for it. Also some bad things, but what can you do. In the words of every tech company ever: “They’ll get used to it.” I just hope my battery doesn’t crap out under the load of all the bullshit I suddenly don’t have blocked anymore.

We’ll see how it goes.
~ Fang


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