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26 08 16

Open doors

It looks and feels good to have all your doors open.

Like, physical ones. This isn’t about that opportunity junk. This is about leaving open the doors and windows of your house throughout the day. (At night might be a safety risk, depending on where you live.) It really… That little bit of nature blowing into your house really ties the room together. How your living space cools and warms as the great only-barely-outdoors does, how the scent of every event reaches you by smell before it even happens, how the sound passes through your halls, instead of bouncing through your quarters.

Of course it’s okay to restrict your periods of open doors to the summer, it’s all about being comfortable while doing it. In those periods you will still probably face all manners of creatures crawling and gliding into your home, but that’s a small price to pay for the comfort of your own personal zoo. Birds may… get dangerous though, I would advise evacuating your space.

It’s a rather intense romanticization, but I really do find it nice every now and then. Part of it may also be a perk of living on the top (third) floor of an apartment complex though.
~ Fang


  • 26/08/2016 (11:03 PM)

    Unfortunately, this sort of thing is limited to winter for me. Summers are simply too hot for it.

    I have a 3-story townhouse, and can do this above the ground floor certain times of year. It’s fantastic and I wish I could do it year round!

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