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You need to have something to do. Don’t set yourself up for slacking.

There’s currently three could-be posts in my “drafts” folder. Just a couple of sentences describing ideas to write about. They seem like pretty interesting topics, and I’m excited to do something with them. And yet, I’m not using those today. But why not? If I worked through them all, I’d have three days’ worth of posts ready to go. But then, I’d also have zero ideas in the backlog. Not only that, but I’d have nothing left to spur me on, to tell me “make something cool”.

It’s a tad stressful, having many irons in the fire. It’s a tad stressful, but also really useful. If I ever find myself wondering “what do I even do?”, or worse, doing nothing in particular, I have something to grab onto. Something I can use to kick myself out of the comfort of laziness and into the rush that is doing something with your life.

That doesn’t mean I can’t give myself some time off, I most certainly allow myself to be unproductive every once in a while. But that too, is guided. There’s a bunch of movies I want to watch, but there’s the “but it’s like two hours” feeling to keep me from sitting down for one too frequently.

Maybe it’s a bit control-freaky, but it’s also a good way of keeping myself from falling into depressing uselessness.
~ Fang

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