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Life is a team sport

Bright red letters beamed off most the displays. The rare few that weren’t overdramatizing the seriousness of my situation weren’t making themselves all that useful either, nearly all security cameras producing a constant stream of static. No wonder they had managed to get five other stations already. Thorough and precise they were. And yet, as I saw them moving through the outer hall on one of the last non-static channels, they moved with a certain wildness. A viciousness that you only see in natural predators, high on the thrill of the hunt.

I ruffled through my paperwork. How could I have made it so hard to find so important a picture? Did I ever not care enough to have it in any other state than proudly and prominently displayed on my desk? I couldn’t find it. It wasn’t there. Did I lose it? Oh– She greeted me with the same old cheeky smile, the same playful glint in her eyes. How long had it been? Far too long.

An explosion’s shockwaves rumbled through the station. At this rate it’d be approximately as long as I’d last, a short minute, tops. This wasn’t in the job description, I joked to myself. Not directly, at least. But I had known what I signed up for, crazy enough to think that unwavering faith in a project like this would be enough to dissuade any opposition. And that belief held for quite some time. A time that ended today.

The reality of it hadn’t quite hit me yet, my body just went through the motions. Did what it was taught. Relived that nightmare we’d learned about and just did what it must without as much as a thought. Cold steel touched my temple. The doors busted open. My finger squeezed the trigger. Their squad leader lunged at me.

Crash. Bang.

~ Fang


  • 08/08/2016 (8:44 PM)

    Yeah, what a shame to be that good in a crisis and to still have to end it all. Very suspenseful scene. I’m left sad for our main character and I don’t even know a single thing about him… her? A sign of a great story.

  • 08/08/2016 (3:27 PM)

    A fine job with another littel random scene. From an editorial standpoint it looks like there are a few words missing and a few times where you used the wrong word. Such as when you use “thought” instead of “taught”.

  • 05/08/2016 (10:31 PM)

    Being able to operate in tense situations on autopilot is a sign of good training.

    This was tense.

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