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I had the pleasure of (finally) reading some new writing by a friend of mine, and it was hella good.

Most of you will know I’m not a very big reader. In fact, I barely read anything at all! Keep that in mind — but still take me seriously — when I say that what she wrote was really well done. I’d put it pretty high above my own work (though I’m the poorest judge of that), even the things I am most proud of. I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a tiny bit saddening. But then, it’s also oddly encouraging, inspiring even.

There’s something about great works of art, of whatever nature, that speaks to people’s creative sides. If there’s even a tiny bit of cinder burning in someone’s heart, seeing something amazing may be the gust of wind it needs to fully ignite, burst into flames of passion. That all sounds kind of cheeky, but it’s not unusual for great artists (and minds) to say someone or something inspired them to get into their field of work.

I think that’s really cool. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, a perpetual cycle of great art inspiring people to make great art, and some of them will end up producing something amazing themselves. If there were no artists, we’d see far less people attempting to get into a creative field.

Guess this kind of culture is significantly important after all, even just for its self-preservation.
~ Fang

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