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09 08 16

Get that setup

Oh boy did I have a day!

I decided it was time to fully commit to my “hipster programmer” lifestyle, which means I’m more or less obligated to get myself one of those desks with which you can easily change between sitting and standing. So I got myself one of these bad boys, electronically adjustable. I also got a matching nightstand to act as a drawer unit, because an actual drawer unit would also cost me an arm and a leg, and I’m not yet ready to become a quadriplegic yet.

Got both of those from Ikea. Y’all have at least heard from them right? The big, Swedish furniture chain which basically gives you a box of parts and a fool-proof assembly manual? Well, here’s the thing about “assemble it yourself” furniture: those parts come from factories, and as good as those are, they’re not perfect. So now I know every tiny flaw of my setup. The drawer whose bottom is slightly slanted, the gaps on opposing sides that don’t exactly match, that weird dent on the underside of the desk. It doesn’t matter, but I know it’s there, so now I need to learn to live with it.

In all seriousness though, the desk is great. I haven’t been able to use it standing yet because there’s still a monitor on the wall preventing it from going up further. I’ll get to that tomorrow. What I’ll also get to tomorrow is cable management. I DIY’d a power source onto the desk, but anything that comes from an external source (ethernet, speaker cables, the power source’s power source) is a bitch to get right, since it has to behave well when you adjust the desk up and down.

I wanted to chill and watch a movie tonight to celebrate, but I’m too fucking tired for that.
~ Fang

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