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30 08 16


This isn’t a story about some dude who impales his pals, don’t worry.

There’s this big divide between work and hobby projects. The one is forced, rigid, sometimes unpleasant. The other is entirely optional, droppable, always fun. But the former pays the bills, the latter just keeps you sane. As is the case with most opposites, there doesn’t seem to be a middle road. But, maybe I’ve found one. A very thin and practically useless one, but a middle road nonetheless.

A good and dear friend of mine has been running her own one-man company for a while now, and she wanted to up her self-presentation game. No better way to do that than to overhaul her fairly standard website, right? I proposed doing the programming stuff for her, because let’s face it, she can’t be reasonably expected to pay whatever exorbitant fee those “slap a custom template over it” web developers would be charging. She got in touch with some design students, had them spew out something decent for practically free, and now I’m going to be doing more or less the same.

Except it’s a custom build, a cute little content management system tailored exactly to fit her needs. It’s going to be a good place for her to show off her work, it’ll make a nice addition to my portfolio, and best of all: it’ll be fun to make! “A chocolate bar and a few coins” isn’t going to help me pay the rent and the satisfaction won’t either, but they’ll both still be nice to have around.

This is going off my Urbit development time though, so that’s kinda sad. (^:
~ Fang


  • 01/09/2016 (2:54 PM)

    With those coins you could probably buy a second chocolate bar and enter the chocolate bar game. Nah but seriously it’s pretty cool of you to do that. To be honest I’ve considered approaching you about building a website.

  • 01/09/2016 (6:55 AM)

    The woman I work for recently wanted to build a ‘million dollar’ website, which is ironic, because some of the web designers she asked might as well have quoted that much. I think one quoted $60,000. The lowest one quoted $30,000. Can you believe that?

    Cheers to being a good friend, though. A chocolate bar and a few coins beats no chocolate bar and no coins any day.

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