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24 08 16

Finalist crew

Because I won’t have the energy to write non-diary posts until the weekend.

If I wasn’t as lucky, I’d have the day off with nothing to do. I don’t yet have a work-provided laptop which I can use to work from home, after all. But there was a mandatory school-organized thing that saved the day, so all ended well. As a form of additional support they let you form small groups with other interning students (heh, internship support groups), whom you’ll be scheduling meeting with three times throughout the adventure to look at each other’s work and share feedback with.

And you know what, I actually think it’s a really nice idea! Gives you some friendly faces to talk to rather than those grumpy old teachers and mentors. I jest, but it really is nice to be in touch with people who are in more or less the same boat as you. Not to mention it was really cool to hear what kind of projects they’re all working on. One guy from our group has been working as a car mechanic, studying computer science on the side, and is doing computer vision things in his internship without prior knowledge. That’s hella impressive!

Another one from our group is going to be working in Berlin, so I guess we won’t be seeing him at the meetings, hah.
~ Fang

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