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17 08 16

The end is near

Would you be satisfied with what you left behind?

If you were to die in a couple of days, would you hurriedly patch things up, or proceed as usual? If you didn’t wake up tomorrow, would you regret the things you did or didn’t do? Would whatever would be left of you fuss about having forgotten something? Would you be satisfied, knowing you did what you must, or would you be disappointed with the final score?

Summer vacation is ending, and that’s sort of how it feels. Barely anything of what I originally set out to do (no gamedev, no SSR2 rewrite, no Caves rewrite, etc.) got any attention, which looks disappointing on paper. On the other hand, all the time not spent doing those things went towards Urbit, which has also been quite productive the endeavor. Learning about a unique system, wielding a wildly unfamiliar programming language, tinkering, contributing, creating, helping.

Honestly, tomorrow wouldn’t even be that bad a day to die. I’d leave unfinished business, but it’ll be in the hands of many fine people. The weather forecast looks good, too.
~ Fang


  • 18/08/2016 (6:08 PM)

    If I found out I was going to die in half a day honestly I’d probably kill myself because the waiting would get annoying. I’d just be like “fuck it, why wait?”

    • 18/08/2016 (6:47 PM)

      Quite the impatient adventurer we have here. What if the prophecy turns out to be false?

  • 18/08/2016 (2:24 AM)

    I believe I’d be okay.

    I’d probably just go spend some time with my family.

    I hope your plans for the fall season go great!

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