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Do the impossible, see the invisible

No, not the people. The genre.

What do you call a detective that isn’t necessarily a detective but just a long, complex series of events involving multiple parties that unfolds before your eyes? Are those still detectives? The element of intrigue and discovery is still there. Is that enough? Who knows. I just find them very fascinating, those stories that are told from a bunch of different perspectives, everyone involved in a central event in one way or another.

They’re especially awe-inspiring when you consider the amount of preparation that goes into telling a story that way. You’re not telling it entirely linearly, so you need to know where you’re headed. Every single detail, because how else are you going to tie your different viewpoint’s plots together while keeping it seemingly natural?

Of course, all that planning is what you should be doing for any story you write, but for some thing you can get away without it. I imagine it’d just turn into a train-wreck if you tried that for a long, multi-perspective story though.

I feel like trying my hand at one. A short one, couple of parts, see what I can accomplish in that space.
~ Fang

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