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02 08 16


Man, I feel so bad for Niantic.

They thought they got lucky, getting to partner up with Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to make a real Pokemon-catching adventure experience. Their game boomed way harder than anyone would have seen coming, and suddenly they’re getting the short end of all the sticks. “Niantic, be more open towards your player!” “Niantic, the state of the game is unacceptable!” “Niantic, get your shit together!”

But Niantic isn’t at fault. Their developers are working their asses off around the clock to maintain server stability, fix load-induced bugs, improve game balance and implement new features. They want to be more transparent (they’re already talking more than they ever did with Ingress), but big daddy Nintendo isn’t letting them. They want to let the experience live up to the hype, but the game’s unexpected surge in popularity has everyone and everything overloaded.

It just sort of gets to me, players hating on developers. Is that what happens when you make it big, you get a vocal minority on your ass? Drowning out all feeling of satisfaction and messages of gratitude you may be getting, replacing it with a boatload of stress and guilt? Is this what happens when you become the single most downloaded mobile game of all time?

Good luck to Niantic. Let’s hope needy players don’t drag the game down.
~ Fang


  • 03/08/2016 (1:55 AM)

    You can’t please everyone and people like hitting the big guy. Especially anonymously and online.

    I don’t play games but there certainly are a lot of people who seem to be enjoying the Pokemon thing.

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