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Holy dicks!

Today was the first day of my graduation internship, sort of!

I’m just going to call it my internship from here on out because otherwise these posts might get very wordy. That means I worked my first day at the new internship today, though I’m having trouble justifying saying I worked a full day. I mostly read up on the existing architecture, some important principles, and tried to get my development environment set up. But there’s only so much you can do without a laptop of your own and a pass to roam the building with.

The idea of this first day was to get ready to go before my primary mentor went on his vacation, which happily overlaps with what I had hoped was going to be my first week. So I get an early start! Except, as corporate culture will always secretly dictate, internal procedures are thick like mud, trapping weaklings and foiling complacent sages. Long story short, I’ll have to make do with a loan laptop until (likely, hopefully) Thursday.

The same goes for my worker’s pass which allows me to freely enter all areas of the building I’m authorized to, rather than the zero access I get from a guest’s pass. Tragically, that means I have to ask coworkers to open doors for me whenever I need to go take a piss.

Good thing I won’t be working again until Thursday.
~ Fang


  • 24/08/2016 (12:31 AM)

    That is exciting. New things!

    I need to find new things sometime. I’m excited for you, though.

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