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10 08 16

A standing man

…is taller than a sitting man.

I had the joy of having my first at-home standing desk experience today. A “bzzzzt”, some pulling on cables, and a little bit more “bzzzzt”, and my desk has been adjusted to my standing height. Ideal! Well, close to ideal. I don’t want to be hassling with cables, but sadly there’s still things connected to stuff that’s not on or mounted to the desk itself. It takes some effort, but still works. And I absolutely love it!

Being able to just up and stand, and continue working in that new position whenever you so desire is amazing. No longer do I need to go for a short walk every fifteen minutes, I can just work while standing! Walks are still mandatory, but I won’t be taking them as frequently as I did before, since having your legs vertically below you already improves blood flow by itself.

On top of that, I returned to an improved dual-monitor setup. Normally it’d double productivity, but this monitor makes a high-pitches noise while it’s on so which is hard to ignore after you notice it so, uh, net productivity gain is zero.

Looks fancy though!
~ Fang


  • 11/08/2016 (1:03 PM)

    Oh right I really need to stand up more. Well I go for walks every day now. That can be my standing up.

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