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You need to have something to do. Don’t set yourself up for slacking.

There’s currently three could-be posts in my “drafts” folder. Just a couple of sentences describing ideas to write about. They seem like pretty interesting topics, and I’m excited to do something with them. And yet, I’m not using those today. But why not? If I worked through them all, I’d have three days’ worth of posts ready to go. But then, I’d also have zero ideas in the backlog. Not only that, but I’d have nothing left to spur me on, to tell me “make something cool”.

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30 08 16


This isn’t a story about some dude who impales his pals, don’t worry.

There’s this big divide between work and hobby projects. The one is forced, rigid, sometimes unpleasant. The other is entirely optional, droppable, always fun. But the former pays the bills, the latter just keeps you sane. As is the case with most opposites, there doesn’t seem to be a middle road. But, maybe I’ve found one. A very thin and practically useless one, but a middle road nonetheless.

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So my friend suddenly has a surprise week of extra vacation.

First Monday I got to work at my internship. It was… a Monday, alright. What more is there to say? I get home, have dinner, mail someone, get a message. A message? That friend, if I wanted to join him on a terrace, watch the sunset. An offer like that is hard to decline, so off I went. The disclaimer on my should-be bed-time was mandatory, I wouldn’t want to sleep less than my usual hours right before my fourth day of internship.

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28 08 16

Variety food

Nothing quite like trying a bunch of things without gorging on the good stuff.

Since our family had something to celebrate, we went out for dinner today. There’s this tapas place not too far away that serves Japanese cuisine, appropriately named Japas. You get five “rounds” to pick four items off the menu per person, making a grand total of twenty items each. That’s doesn’t sound like all that much, and I’d agree with you, but we’d both be sorely mistaken. I only managed to eat about three round’s worth food before giving up.

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27 08 16

The premise

Believe it or not, the premise doesn’t say all that much about anything.

Much like with ideas in general, you can have the coolest one, but if your execution isn’t up to snuff then it’s just going to end up garbage. There is so many different forms a premise can take as it gets worked into a full-fledged story. It doesn’t have to say anything about genre, style, or even what the story is really going to be about. I wrote down a vague premise today, and when I tried expanding upon it for a possible short story I drowned in the sea of possibility.

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