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There’s a big-ass spider by my window, always busy working on its big-ass web.

It’s pretty chill most of the time. Does its thing, catches out some of those annoying mosquitos. Keeps us both happy. But a couple of nights ago I came home, late at night, probably not entirely sober, and it spoke to me. I didn’t have the energy for a double- or triple-take, so I just did a take instead. ‘Sorry, what was that?’ The spider repeated what it had said. A good handful of seconds later, his words started to sink in.

‘Well,’ I slurred, ‘I guess that’s pretty logical.’ The spider shook in its web, mumbling something about distinguishing between the logical and intuitive. It wasn’t mumbling, it was more like a tirade of sorts, but it was going too fast for me to follow. He asked me if I followed all that. Honesty escaped me, and I said I hadn’t followed. It sighed and roped itself down onto the armrest of the bench below it.

‘When you’re a spider, you live on instinct, on what your brain tells you to do. If I sit in the corner of my web and I feel it shake, I don’t think about what it means. I don’t analyze to realize I have caught a pray. I just move, because it is what feels right. I do what I must, because that is my mode of living, hard-wired into my very being. Instinct and intuition, not logic and reason.’

It started climbing back up the wall. ‘You humans, what do you do?’

~ Fang


  • 24/07/2016 (3:22 AM)

    The spider is right, sort of. We ruminate a lot.

    But sometimes we just want to believe it’s a decision and it’s not.

    When scientists play with someone’s brain with a poker (it is done!) and make a person move their arm, and then ask the person why he moved his arm, the person will come up with an excuse even though it’s not true.

    The scientist will be the one who moved that arm, but the person wants to believe he controlled it with a decision.

    But I refuse to debate your spider.

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