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No story without at least some kind of conclusion, right? (previous)

She started playing the organ, but stopped herself after a few notes. She’d played the same tune and sang the same song many times now, to no effect. Something had to change, something had to be different. What could she change? A whole kingdom under her command, but no creativity to do anything useful with it. She sighed and got up from the stool, her behind already aching from the short sit.

The rain restricted her view to only a small distance past the city walls. Yet, through the grey haze that covered every angle of sight, something caught her attention. A group of people on one of the hills to the east. She could count four, maybe five in their party. Limbs were flailing, making gestures, pointing fingers. Livia wondered how long they’d been standing there, fighting among themselves. She couldn’t make out what they were shouting, or if they were shouting at all.

Her eyes opened after blinking, but it took another second before she noticed it. Above the group she had been watching, high in the sky, almost among the clouds, a sphere had appeared. A globe about as large as the city, seemingly made of dirt, patches of grass dotting it, casting an unnervingly large shadow on the kingdom and the lands behind it.
The people down in the streets looked and pointed, speechless, motionless. No hushed words, no fear-filled screeches, nothing.
The sphere’s sudden appearance had pushed away the air in its place, a shockwave that was now — short seconds after its birth — reaching the city. Its walls seemed to catch most of the near-ground wind, but up in the castle’s tower Livia faced a stronger gale. And like she struggled, so did the clouds. The shockwave swept away the blanket of misery that had covered the city for far too long.

The townsfolk had been hushed, the drumming of the rain stopped. All that remained audible was a gentle breeze’s whistling and the thumping of Livia’s heart. A short few moments of silence, this was it. The circumstance that changed, the opportunity that showed.
She jumped back into the organ stool, and played, and sung. The sheet music had been blown away but it did not matter, by now she knew it all by heart.

By the time she had played the whole thing, poured her whole soul out, there was nothing left that resembled silence. Cheers of joy and laughter of disbelief echoed through the streets as the muddy waters they had collected shimmered again. People danced, sang, ran to hug their loved ones. Their lives had begun anew.
The sphere had disappeared from sight as suddenly as it had spawned. The group beneath it had calmed down, except for one individual who was on hands and knees, barfing.

One final, satisfied drop of rain fell from Livia’s face when she saw the clouds weren’t making a return, allowing her city to prosper once again.

Yes, there’s a story behind that group. No, I’m not sure if we’ll ever cover that here. I could do an analysis piece where I touch on that though, if people are interested.
~ Fang


  • 14/07/2016 (5:58 PM)

    Hmmm, so Livia’s quest was a noble one all along… or she got caught up in everything and wanted to help the people she begrudgingly swore to protect?

    Anyhow, anything that ends in a barf of pure joy gets my approval.

    Also, to be nitpicky, in the third paragraph after the dashes it says ‘reaching reaching the city.’

  • 12/07/2016 (1:52 AM)

    That was interesting but, honestly, a little unsatisfying. At least the city was saved and Queen Livia proved she could actually do something for the kingdom. Perhaps the fact her efforts weren’t in vain is proof that she actually does carry some royal blood.

    • 12/07/2016 (2:01 AM)

      Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you at least three times. ;D

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