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Well, okay, there’s always those fancy single-sentence stories, but those are more literary acrobatics than writing.

It’s been some time now that I’ve been back into my writing groove, pumping out whatever it is I make faster than ever before. And you may have noticed that it’s almost all incredibly short stories. Situations, scenes, more often than not under a thousand words. And they’re incredibly fun to write! I get to put a single concept to paper (like that “holes on object/person making weird-ass interconnected copies” thing from Holes) and toy with it for a short while.

And because they’re such short pieces, I can really give it my all. Sometimes this goes well, sometimes less so. Sometimes even two parts of the same story feel of contrasting quality to me (again, Holes). But I can always muster up the energy to really prose the shit out of something if I know it isn’t going to have to shoulder a million more words. For some reason it’s really easy for me to go hard for short pieces, where that’s much more difficult for longer ones — even if I work on those in the same frequency I do my shorter works.

Those really short stories will always be my go-to when I just want to share a cool idea I had, but I feel like I need to get back to longer things again as well. You know, the whole practicing broadly thing, rather than specializing. Caves was definitely a fun and wild ride (can’t believe that first part’s from three years ago already), and I still think I should rewrite properly to get myself a physical copy, but it might also be nice to do one of those “long haul” writing projects again. I could just pick something and see where it goes again, but that practice didn’t do Caves too much good, so eh.

Who knows what I’ll come up with. First, I should probably finish The stolen queen.
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  • 08/07/2016 (2:55 AM)

    I have a few of those shorter projects and they are pretty fun. They let me write without having to worry about finishing a huge book. If you want to write something larger then I recommend really seeing it as a connection of smaller things that fit together to form one larger whole. That’s effectively what chapters are. Small parts you can focus on to make the whole thing not seem as intimidating.

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