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Take a good long look at this.

It’s essentially Uber for dog poop. Take a picture of the poop, send it out with a location marker, and someone will come and scoop your dog’s poop for you. Because you didn’t want to get in on all the messy stuff when you decided you were getting a dog. Solution: yet another outsourcing app. I’m not even entirely sure if outsourcing is the right word for putting you in touch with random people willing to earn a quick buck for some task, but I’ll just go with that for now.

And Pooper’s got me thinking, will we see more and more outsourcing apps pop up? Uber remains a large success, turning “ordinary” people into taxi drivers with tons of potential clients. How long until people come out with other apps like that, “on-demand job creators”? Is it sustainable? Some jobs require a certain amount of trust in someone’s skill, how will concerns regarding that be alleviated?

And of course there’s the issue of existing employees in those sectors. They’ll likely get the short end of the stick, like taxi drivers did with Uber. Is there a way around that, or will those jobs become deprecated eventually? I can make an argument for both sides, but can’t really provide any conclusive insights.

Oh and in case you didn’t catch on, yes, Pooper is parody.
~ Fang


  • 22/07/2016 (5:39 PM)

    See, you say it’s a parody, and yet I live in a yuppie enough area that I’ve seen poop scooping vans driving around more than once. You call them, they pick up your dog crap, because who can be bothered to do such trivialities when you’re way too busy ignoring your children?

    “Hurry! Call Poop 911!” (How is that NOT a parody?)

  • 20/07/2016 (10:52 PM)

    The future is amazing.

    It’s a shame that it’s a parody because I was ready to start making youtube ads for it.

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