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I’m not going anywhere this summer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not adventuring.

Last year’s trip to Peru was insanely cool, I’m still not done using photos from there as wallpapers, and it really got me wanting to travel more. And yet, I didn’t make any plans for this summer. I still had a fair amount of savings left, enough for a trip where the plan ticket doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg, and time wouldn’t be an issue either. But I got my final internship coming up, after which I graduate. Might be better to take it easy now, save up a bit more, and do some “real” traveling after everything’s done.

Luckily, the region of Netherlands nearby me isn’t all that boring. The national landscape has both dense and roomy forests, heath with dunes of sand or the prettiest hills dotted with sheep. Plenty of paths for walking or biking where the scenery is always beautiful. If you’re lucky you can run into deer or boars, or maybe see a couple birds of prey do their thing. And if you pay careful attention, you may find small lizards skittering around among the many cool insects.

I used to hold my “it’s just the Netherlands, it can’t be that interesting” opinion rather strongly, but I think it’s time I throw that in the trash. There’s a lot of nature to explore here. And as you get more familiar with the area, you’ll start to uncover all kinds of neat little things you never noticed before.

Guess it can be really nice to do things instead of lazing around behind my desk all day.
~ Fang


  • 13/07/2016 (8:36 PM)

    I used to want to go to the Netherlands but I no longer remember why. It might have had something to do with it being the home base of a band called The Legendary Pink Dots, who relocated there from England because they loved it so much.

    According to an article I read recently (discussing weird things to do in Netherlands), you could go look at the mummies of Wiewerd or human and animal deformities at the Vrolik Museum in Amsterdam.

    • 13/07/2016 (8:53 PM)

      Let me know if you ever do come over, I’d be happy to show you around our little country!
      I looked them up, those Pink Dots, and they have an interesting, trippy sound to them. I can’t tell if it’s supposed to fall under rock or synth-pop or if it can be classified as psychedelic rock, but I like it regardless the label!
      Edit: I’m listening to some song from their “9 Lives To Wonder” album right now, and it has the noises of fruit being eating in it. Absurd, I love it. <3

      • 14/07/2016 (3:23 AM)

        Yeah, “9 Lives to Wonder” was during their mid-90’s psych period, which is my favorite period for them.

        They had song called “Joey the Canary” around that time that is one of my favorite songs ever.

        • 14/07/2016 (2:22 PM)

          You’re right, that is a really cool song!

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