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It's not a bug, it's a feature!

I honestly don’t know what else to call it.

Sometimes, when a fictional character’s inner monologue gets exposed, you may hear them thinking something stupid or rude. This cues a violent self-correction reaction along the lines of “how can I think that, I shouldn’t think that way, that’s awful of me”. I’m sorry, what? It’s not like you said it out loud, nobody is any the wiser. It was just an intrusive thought, calm the hell down!

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25 07 16

My eyes

Sadly, I have my glasses for a reason.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still wear them if I didn’t. Glasses are hella fashionable and give you that small boost of +1 INT that can make all the difference. Still, it’s nice to be able to not put them on sometimes. On those lazy Sundays or when you need to physically clear your head. And I can do that, I don’t need my glasses to see. They’re mainly for seeing things at a distance better, but I fear my vision has gotten a bit worse lately.

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24 07 16

Bogged down

Have we grown too big?

Humans as a species, no, as a society, are tremendously large. To help keep us all somewhat organized, we have politics and bureaucracy. And that’s great and all, you don’t really have much of a choice if you want to steer a group as large as us, but maybe we’ve outgrown even that option. The systems we use to govern ourselves (or get governed, depending on your point of view) have gotten super duper slow, to the point where it seems and feels like we’re only barely crawling forward.

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There’s a big-ass spider by my window, always busy working on its big-ass web.

It’s pretty chill most of the time. Does its thing, catches out some of those annoying mosquitos. Keeps us both happy. But a couple of nights ago I came home, late at night, probably not entirely sober, and it spoke to me. I didn’t have the energy for a double- or triple-take, so I just did a take instead. ‘Sorry, what was that?’ The spider repeated what it had said. A good handful of seconds later, his words started to sink in.

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22 07 16

Almost alien

Here’s a fun exercise.

Try looking at the life in your everyday life. What do you see? A bunch of trees, some cats, dogs in the park, birds shitting on your car. Keep an eye on all of it throughout your day. Over time you’ll get better and start to notice the more subtle things. The bugs in your garden, the flies in the sky, and how the birds are out when they’re swarming. Everything just doing its things however it feels is best for it. And if you squint, you might notice how we, as a species, are not all that different.

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