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08 07 16

Old faces

Went to a high school teacher’s retirement party today. (Is that what you call those things?)

A year or so back we had heard she’d be retiring right around now, so I decided to keep in touch in case anything special would be organized. She was our Latin teacher, and her classes were definitely among the most fun ones. It was an optional subject, so everything was very laid back. Open-book tests, anecdotes, watching mythology-inspired Disney movies. And she herself was “the sweetest little grandma”, never strict and always peppy.

Managed to get five people total to show up, which is three more than I had originally expected. It was nice seeing her again (though it doesn’t look like she’s aged much at all, guess she can’t get any older) and she was a bit surprised to see old students of her show up. Apparently she wasn’t allowed to invite any, but we sort of invited ourselves.

Amazing how quite a few teachers still remembered most of us by name. Guess you get a knack for that when you have to memorize hands full of new names every single year. Always makes me feel a bit guilty when I can’t quite remember theirs.

Also a shame how the barbecue was teacher-only, but what can you do.
~ Fang


  • 11/07/2016 (2:15 PM)

    That’s an interesting concept. I’ve never seen anything like that come up for one of my old teachers. Maybe none of them have retired. Or no one cares. There are a few I would go to one last time. It was nice anyone at all turned up and I’m sure she appreciated you all being there.

    I’m also jealous you got to learn Latin.

  • 09/07/2016 (3:29 AM)

    I wish I was better at remembering names.

    I also wish I’d stayed in contact with a coupe of my teachers, though, so this post of yours was full of regrets for me.

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