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The Pumpkin Tide

So, we missed our last train.

We would’ve had a very generous ten minutes, ample of time to make our way over to the train that would take us home. But we didn’t, and it was because of some ten-year-old Pokemon GO player. That… may or may not have been the case, it’s just what I imagined when they announced they were slowing down because a person had been spotted walking by (or possibly on) the tracks. Eight minutes late, and then the next train left a minute early. Stranded.

Luckily the station-police (those are a thing now, huh) was available to answer our pleas for help after slowly guiding what looked like a drunk old man away from the platforms. Some expending of personal information later, they’re setting us up with a taxi. For free of course, it’s their responsibility to get us home in such a scenario.

We had met another lost individual, who was heading much further from the stranding site than us. They picked him up too, together with us, in a pretty fancy Mercedes. Arranging transport like this for so many people must be quite a hit to the railway’s wallet.

Still, it is kind of to be expected, and of course also much appreciated!
~ Fang


  • 01/08/2016 (6:28 PM)

    Glad you got home. Drunk people should definitely stay away from train platforms.

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