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03 07 16


The sword is an extension of oneself.

I don’t know where I read it, though I vaguely associate it with Megaman. And he actually embodies the idea behind the phrase, because his weapons, too, are extensions of himself. There’s probably a very clear explanation behind it all, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s rooted in Japanese culture. It stuck with me though, because it’s actually a very valid point. You can’t just pick up a sword and expect to kick ass with it, much in the same way you can’t expect to walk using your legs on your first try.

On the contrary, there’s more straightforward weapons like guns. I’m not saying they take no skill to wield, but they’re much more self-contained in what they do. Aim, pull the trigger, and a piece of metal flies where you aimed. With a simple routine, fatal damage can be done. As for the sword? Sure, you can flay it around, and if you hit it will do some damage, but you can also be outrun.

Not entirely sure where I was trying to go with this, but probably something along the lines of certain weapons being more… personal than others. Guns are so detached, they do their thing, but swords are like an extension to your arm, they reflect your actions rather than performing the same move over and over.

And then there’s pistol swords.
~ Fang

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