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Not your school’s textbooks, mind you.

So I recently posted the introduction to a programming tutorial series online, and the reception has been hugely positive even though it’s only a very basic “this is what we’re about, do these things to get ready” kind of text. You’ll notice though that it’s rather verbosely written. And how could it not be, that’s more or less my writing/explaining style.

I could be really short and to the point in my explanations, but that’s going to take me thrice as much time and effort. Besides, the long-form “here’s my understanding of it” are a much better fit for the end goal of the series: to educate people with backgrounds similar to mine (semi-experienced programmer, no functional programming or Hoon knowledge) about the workings of Hoon. Hopefully, by writing out explanations from my point of view, the information will stick better than a bunch of dry “this does x, x means y” lines like you may find in official documentation.

But I can also imagine long-form “tutorials” not working very well for some people, because there’s a tad too much fluff sandwiching the actually useful information. I know I can’t possibly please everyone in my target audience — everyone learns differently after all — but maybe there’s some sort of compromise I can make to increase my coverage.

It’s “baby’s first tutorial series” though, so maybe I just oughta stick with what I personally find most comfortable, and hope that can carry the quality of the writing.
~ Fang

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