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Most of these things are rather childish.

A little while ago I wrote this post on the importance of writing documentation early, and ensuring beginners can use it easily.

Today, StackOverflow, the programmer Q/A site for all your “how do I X?” questions, launched StackOverflow Documentation, their, well, documentation platform. It allows users to request and write documentation for specific topics in programming languages. Essentially, it’s crowdsourced documentation. In a sense, StackOverflow itself (the Q/A part) was this as well, but Documentation should provide much broader information on much more generic topics.

And that’s really cool! While documentation for some languages may be up to snuff, that isn’t the case for everything. Maybe it’s really hard to find an overview of a specific topic, or the documentation is missing information on it entirely! A central place like this where the community can build there own docs may very well be the solution we need in such cases.

Curious to see how it’ll turn out, time will have to tell.
~ Fang


  • 22/07/2016 (3:54 AM)

    That does sound pretty interesting. Even if I only understood about half of it. But anything that makes programming easier to pick up and understand is no doubt a good thing.

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