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19 07 16


Not of the conversational kind.

Chatbots are such fun, versatile pieces of software. If you’ve ever visited a popular and/or well-moderated IRC chat, you may have encountered one. They can be programmed to do all kinds of fun things, from providing relevant information when asked, to starting a silly text-based multiplayer game. Endless possibilities!

For example, a chatroom I frequent has a bot that will re-post your message if you corrected a typo by sending a “correction*” message. It’ll also provide summary of certain concepts if asked, or you can give it a username and it’ll pull up a random message by that user, which can get pretty hilarious when taken out of context. Oh and it also makes jokes when specific topics are being discussed. He’s really quit the fun guy!

And the good part is that chatbots don’t have to be ridiculously hard to program. Once you’ve got it hooked up to a chat channel, all you need to do is read each message and see if it interests you, then build a response accordingly. A simple action loop, but if you’re creative and/or good at text processing then there’s a lot you can do with it!

Beep boop.
~ Fang

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