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24 07 16

Bogged down

Have we grown too big?

Humans as a species, no, as a society, are tremendously large. To help keep us all somewhat organized, we have politics and bureaucracy. And that’s great and all, you don’t really have much of a choice if you want to steer a group as large as us, but maybe we’ve outgrown even that option. The systems we use to govern ourselves (or get governed, depending on your point of view) have gotten super duper slow, to the point where it seems and feels like we’re only barely crawling forward.

Maybe that’s just me, I don’t know. It is true that even though the process of making steps is slower, we’re also making much larger steps. It’s still easy for the system to lag behind reality though, just look at how many outdated laws we have– or how little regarding modern technologies. Bureaucracy can’t keep up, and it’s not ever going to unless we automate it.

But that’d also mean automating the answering of moral questions, which is a whole other endless hellhole.
~ Fang


  • 25/07/2016 (1:08 AM)

    There are a lot of things that have been automated that confuse people because we don’t always understand that a human hasn’t eyeballed it.

    I had a friend who was getting demand letters for $0. They ignored it and eventually they were sued for $0.

    We can rely on automated systems, but there really does to be the human element in there, too.

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