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Don’t pick a side.

Contrary to what many discussions will have you believe, there’s more than just the black and white of the argument, and it is possible to agree and/or disagree with both sides. Middle ground exists, and that’s okay. Use it. Yes, both sides will tell you they have all the answers and the other side is completely wrong on everything they say. But they’ll do that because it’s in their advantage. If that isn’t enough reason to not listen and just look for yourself then I don’t know what is.

It’s honestly kind of aggravating, seeing debates painted in black and white by the general public. In some cases it’s rare to see someone say “yeah both sides have a point” in the media, which is a bit troubling. If nothing can be done to appease both sides, then wouldn’t the best course of action be to look for the middle ground? But no, everyone on one side is a dirty commie, and on the other side it’s all stinky hippies.

And yet, when both extremes get portrayed as evil, people still pick one? Why? Fuck that, I’d much rather stay in that safe space that doesn’t align with any one side too strongly. Maybe even try building a bridge, who knows what’ll happen if the sides can come to understand each other a little bit better.

Most issues involve morals in some way or form, making the “right” choice ambiguous by default.
~ Fang


  • 15/07/2016 (4:22 AM)

    I don’t know if this was brought about by our post today (if not: eerie) but yes, 100% yes to all of this. American politics have become just like this – you’re either one side or the other. If you’re on a side, you have to line up to ALL of the party beliefs. You can’t have beliefs shared by the other party. Speaking of, anyone who isn’t in your party is “the enemy”, as if to imply the other half of the country not voting like you is intentionally trying to destroy the entire nation while you, the hero, are trying to save it.

    We don’t post about politics much because we don’t want to bore people with our opinions (which honestly don’t matter), but if you asked us which party we were with, we’d both tell you we’re not with either. We can see both sides. And in turn, most people would ask, “No, but really, which one are you closest to?”, somewhat hoping we pick theirs.

    • 15/07/2016 (10:56 AM)

      Yes, you guys inspired me.
      The “hero vs evil” thing is something I see a lot in American media/propaganda. It’s always the proud patriots blindly following their country that will make the world a better place and rid it of whatever problem it is the country’s currently facing. It honestly seems kind of archaic, the whole patriotism thing.

  • 15/07/2016 (2:26 AM)

    I avoid taking sides myself. IT’s gotten to the point I just have to stay out of discussions. Actually during Brexit I did take a “Well, both sides kinda have good points” stance and I’m very centrist politically. It’s not an easy life.

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