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Ah, the joy of getting in on something relatively early.

When I say relatively early, I mean fifteen years after the first work was started on it. But hey, it’s only recently started to gain traction so I can still consider myself a very early adopter. Of course, I’m talking about Urbit, the peer-to-peer network of personal servers that is to land as Bitcoin is to money. Its first congress was held today, in which the core team took time to answer questions (specifically) from those who bought a “star” (capable of distributing “planets”, personal identities) during the recent first-ever Urbit crowdsale.

I am one of those proud star-owners, and thus part of the congress. Though the session itself wasn’t anything super special (the core team answers questions in chat all the time), it did signify the first organized meeting. And if the feeling you get when attending such a thing isn’t some kind of special, I don’t know what is.

Imagine Urbit becoming the next big thing in computing. I can say I was there when it was just getting started. But then, I can also imagine it slowly fizzling out and dying, but that risk will always exist with world-changing undertakings. At the very least, we will have tried.

Honestly, trying and not succeeding might be just as well as trying and succeeding. (I just noticed, exactly 2k posts now. No p2k bugs here!)
~ Fang

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