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22 07 16

Almost alien

Here’s a fun exercise.

Try looking at the life in your everyday life. What do you see? A bunch of trees, some cats, dogs in the park, birds shitting on your car. Keep an eye on all of it throughout your day. Over time you’ll get better and start to notice the more subtle things. The bugs in your garden, the flies in the sky, and how the birds are out when they’re swarming. Everything just doing its things however it feels is best for it. And if you squint, you might notice how we, as a species, are not all that different.

But we’re not at all used to looking at ourselves that way, so it paints us in a really unfamiliar light. Something you don’t quite recognize, like an ancient species out of some sci-fi B movie. Humanoid aliens with their hives and hubs and crazy technology. Interestingly animalistic, yet also oddly relatable.

I don’t know, the world just looks a bit funny sometimes.
~ Fang


  • 25/07/2016 (12:10 PM)

    In a way we are still very animalistic whether people want to believe it or not. Humans are very territorial creatures. I don’t just mean our homes too, but our home countries. I think Xenophobia and the like is just our own primal instinct to protect our homes from “invaders”.

  • 23/07/2016 (12:01 AM)

    I try and do that sometimes. I try to look at myself and the stuff I do as though I have never seen anything like it before.

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