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What delightful anguish

So, we missed our last train.

We would’ve had a very generous ten minutes, ample of time to make our way over to the train that would take us home. But we didn’t, and it was because of some ten-year-old Pokemon GO player. That… may or may not have been the case, it’s just what I imagined when they announced they were slowing down because a person had been spotted walking by (or possibly on) the tracks. Eight minutes late, and then the next train left a minute early. Stranded.

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The bags full of ashes under his bed were the least of his problems.

Burning things had always been weirdly therapeutic for him. I remember watching him destroy anything that remotely resembled a memento of his ex-girlfriend after a bad breakup. He acted like it was the most normal thing in the world, like making a fire pit for box after loaded box of random junk wasn’t a thing reserved for only the shittiest movie scripts or the most deranged ex-lovers. But then, maybe that was one of the first signs.

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29 07 16


Fuck I had the outline for this ready for yesterday, but completely forgot about it.

Yesterday’s post was the 2016th. The only post on this entire blog whose number will ever match the year in which it was posted. Truly a sight to behold, a majestic creature in its own right. …But then I posted something about my backup software failing me on a non-crucial moment, so eh. Make of that what you will.

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28 07 16

Sucky backups

This pisses me off to no end and I don’t understand why it’s acceptable.

For my backups, I use a piece of software that comes bundled with macOS, Time Machine. It’s nice because it’s supported on the system level and it fulfills all the basic requirements. But then there’s also the… not insignificant list of issues I have with it. It’s annoying, for example, how it throws you into this very strange user interface with an animated background, and just a single window to browse your files. I don’t want to experience graphical slowdown when I’m trying to find lost files, thank you very much.

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Not your school’s textbooks, mind you.

So I recently posted the introduction to a programming tutorial series online, and the reception has been hugely positive even though it’s only a very basic “this is what we’re about, do these things to get ready” kind of text. You’ll notice though that it’s rather verbosely written. And how could it not be, that’s more or less my writing/explaining style.

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