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In which a brawny knight fights a scrawny kid. (previous)

Livia stepped aside to allow Carolas a peek into the bathroom. ‘Ah,’ he smiled, ‘Young lady Remi, I see you have taken the burden of introduction upon yourself.’ He kneeled down and opened his arms when the girl came running to him. ‘But do you recall what we taught you about sneaking up on people? Put it to practice. We wouldn’t want Roward to scold us, now would we?’
He had picked the girl up, and she was now set on his arms, at eye level with Livia. ‘No.’ she shyly muttered, her demeanor completely flipped from before.

Looking at her knight, Livia noticed the same genuine smile, the same aura of happiness he had worn when they were properly introduced an hour ago. ‘I’m sorry, but we haven’t actually been introduced.’ She hesitated for a moment, unsure if she should be more direct about her concerns. ‘Who exactly is this?’
Carolas shuffled a bit, trying to get a better hold on the little girl. It was an odd sight, seeing a burly knight have trouble holding up a lightweight like her. ‘Do excuse us, my queen. Allow me to introduce Remi Redgarde. She is our precious princess– in name, not in blood.’ His choice of words intended to hide their meaning from Remi’s ears, but Livia noticed a subtle shift in her expression indicating it hadn’t succeeded. ‘Remi, Livia here is our new queen. A slightly more polite interaction with her would be fitting, don’t you agree?’
‘Hmhm.’ Again with the sheepishness.

The towel Livia had hastily wrapped around herself was starting to slip, forcing the use of both her hands to keep it covering her. ‘Well, I’m going to continue my bath now.’ She shuffled back into the bathroom. ‘Thanks, Fortier.’
Carolas put Remi down, who quickly fled into the halls of the castle. There was the half-salute again. ‘Happy to serve.’ He started turning around, but stopped. ‘My queen, Roward is expecting you in his office. Can I forward him a time estimate of your presence?’
‘Give me half an hour.’ she sighed, closing the door behind her. The lock clicked, as it had before. Steam was no longer rising up from the tub.

For those hoping for an actual proper ending to this arc of Livia’s, I may be in the process of thinking up a neat way to wrap it up. Don’t get hype though, it’ll probably disappoint. (next)
~ Fang


  • 23/06/2016 (3:56 AM)

    Well the story hasn’t disappointed yet. I’ve got faith in you to do something good. Nice touch with the towel. One fault in a lot of writing is forgetting that the world is moving outside of the action. It’s like when you watch a cartoon and the characters that aren’t talking don’t blink. I get a kick out of the little touches like that.

  • 22/06/2016 (5:48 AM)

    “She’s princess in name, but not in blood.”
    “Oh.” She smiled. “There WILL be blood.”

    Let’s see some fisticuffs!

    (Oh, and nicely done on the last 2 parts. Still gonna get hyped, so deal with it)

  • 22/06/2016 (2:48 AM)

    I’m expecting a big finish that wraps it all up in a way that leaves me wanting more.

    And then a sequel or two.

    Livia is cool.

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