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In which we learn Livia did, in fact, not drown in her bath tub. (previous)

‘Yes?’ Livia hadn’t fully recovered from her short-lived drowning yet, but the girl wasn’t saying anything. Just staring.
She tilted her head forward a bit. ‘My mother died in that bath you know.’
Livia coughed again. Not because of the ache left in her throat and lungs. She hurriedly climbed out of the tub, moved for the towels, and wrapped one around her. ‘What–’ More coughing. ‘What the fuck? Who are you?’
The girl had started skipping circles around the bath, the noise of her bare feet landing on the tiles echoed through the room. ‘Marianne’s place isn’t easily filled.’

Livia didn’t exactly get the idea this kid could be talked to. She steadied her shaking and unlocked the bathroom door, poked her head out of it. She paused, trying to remember the name of that knight of hers. ‘Fortier!’ she screamed. Repeated. Soon enough, heavy footsteps could be heard clanking through the halls.
‘Yeah, hey, hi.’ Livia waved him over when he got closer. He was clearly taken aback by the way his majesty nonchalantly wore nothing more than a towel. ‘Hey, I got some girl in here and she’s freaking me out. Surely you know what her deal is?’

Cutting it off here, don’t have much time today. (next)
~ Fang


  • 20/06/2016 (1:31 PM)

    Is the knight going to dispose of some little kid? Cos that would be awesome. It would have been an abrupt ending if she just drowned in the tub. Unless you were going GoT style and she’s not the main character after all.

  • 19/06/2016 (3:43 AM)

    Whoa, I had missed Part 6. All caught up now!

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