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What delightful anguish

The only escape is knowing it all.

There’s some things that just offer way too much to learn. Like programming, or video games! You discover something new, and try to find out all about it. But that information is founded on knowledge of other subjects, so you’ll probably need to get a handle on those too. Following that path, there’s always something deeper, some more fine-grained thing for you to learn.

And there’s just no escaping it. Oh, you want to make some simple thing using things you already know? That’s all good and well, but what about this tiny detail that’s essential to that, which you know nothing about? That’s another half day of reading up down the drain.

I’ll be darned if gathering new information isn’t rewarding though. The very fact that you get a more intricate understanding of whatever your subject matter is, is infinitely cool. Someone figured this out, along with a way to help others figure it out faster. Transfer of knowledge outside of genes (which is awfully inefficient, by the way) is what has allowed our species to grow as it did. And we’re at that point of luxury where we have so much time to learn things that don’t straight-up translate to “surviving life 101”, which only pushes that species-wide growth even further.

Yeah, being able to learn things as efficiently as we can is really cool.
~ Fang

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