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too old for this shit

Quick little thing because I’ve been getting more and more interested in some obscure software project proposing radical new ideas.

We’re all used to the current state of affairs, the ideas it offers and the truths we accept. But sometimes someone comes along and spouts a bunch of absurdity, claiming their ideas are going to bring about a revolution. What’s the deal with that, it’s all just silly ideas, right? I don’t think we can be certain of that. Do their ideas seem absurd because that’s what they are, or do we just not yet fully understand the brilliance behind them?

There’s a fine line to walk between taking everything seriously and dismissing anything that’s out of the ordinary. If there’s any side there you want to fall on, it’s the side where you at least take a good hard look at absurdities to determine their value. For all you know that rambling madmen on the corner of the street may be onto something, but you don’t realize it because you never hear him out fully.

Sadly I think in today’s world, people are much too quick to dismiss non-normative ideas as naive, dreams, nutter-talk, or a combination of those.
~ Fang

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