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24 06 16

Strategy games

Civilization V was on a very nice sale (thanks Steam), so I got it.

A few of my friends play it fairly frequently, and I was sort of coaxed into picking up the game for cheap while I could. Played for a couple hours today and man, I suddenly remember why I never play strategy games like these. It honestly felt like a chore at times. All I could see happening was things being built and numbers going up or down. I conquered an AI’s city but it wasn’t all that exciting.

Then again it looks like we haven’t left the early-game yet so maybe it’ll get more fun as conflicts start to unfold? I don’t know, it’ll have to be real good if it wants to make up for this grind of an early-game. I also don’t have anything to compare against. Is this a normal play experience?

But hey, if the “strategy” part of “strategy game” doesn’t appeal to me, then they’re pretty much a waste of time for me right? There isn’t much else to the gameplay other than strategy, and if I have no idea what I’m doing then that’s missing the point.

We’ll see if we can make it more exciting. And if not, at least it didn’t cost me and arm and a leg to find out.
~ Fang


  • 27/06/2016 (1:18 PM)

    I’m really bad at strategy games. I picked up Civ 5 a few years ago but only my brother plays it. He’s put hundreds of hours into it and I haven’t put one. I do like some games like that but I realllly suck at them.

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