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Stupid boy!

We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this news announcement.

Effective as of this moment, the Ministry of Special Affairs mandates notification and registration of all extraordinary abilities. Every individual found in possession of any such ability will be expected to carry a registration ID. Use of powers in public space will require a permit, valid for up to a month. Profiling during registration will no longer be exclusive to S-rank abilities.

To assist in enforcing these new policies, the MSA is enlisting those with perception-oriented powers. Refusal to participate in this program will be punished, but it is as of yet unclear if this will be a simple fine, jail time, or something else. Through broader detection and inspection, the MSA is hoping to stabilize the increasingly restless population of individuals without abilities.

As of yet undetermined prizes will be distributed to half of the first million people to register. Children under thirteen are not eligible for this, and will need to be registered in the presence of a parent or guardian. Children of parents with abilities need to be registered regardless of power manifestation.

Thank you for your time. Regularly scheduled programming will now continue.
~ Fang


  • 27/06/2016 (2:22 AM)

    That sounds like it might be more insidious than you’re letting on.

    Like the time the Springfield PD sent Homer a letter saying he won a boat but theyw ere really just rounding up people for traffic violations.

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