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So apparently I already made a post about this before.

Hell, I would’ve opened this post with more or less the same line from the old one. Given that my previous post on this series wasn’t very elaborate though, I think a do-over is fine. It’s currently in the process of wrapping up its third season and is apparently already renewed for a fourth. Honestly, I’d reluctantly admit it’s well-deserved.

Why reluctantly, you ask? I don’t know, it’s kind of strange. Maybe, after all these years of both hilariously bad and god-awful (and everything in between) representation of “computer things” in movies, shows and other media, I’ve been conditioned to dislike something the instant IT gets involved.

I shouldn’t though, because apparently decent representations of this field of work are still possible! Sure, they make some things up here and there and do some hand-waving at times, but not in any unacceptable way. It’s clear they’re trying hard to get things right, which they obviously are and should be doing since their whole show centers around it.

The little fights between members of the cast, the way corporate entities wage war against each other, the things the characters do, it’s all just so typical. No, it doesn’t deviate a whole lot from the stereotypes IT folk often use for jokes amongst themselves, but those have never had much exposure to the general public. Silicon Valley pushes our in-jokes and cheeky perceptions out into the open while keeping it accessible for non-IT audiences.

And it’s pretty nice.
~ Fang

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