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This one crazy trick will change your blog posts forever. Real writers hate me!

In by far the larger part of my posts you’ll find me writing like I am now, including myself in the content, making it revolve around me in a sense. Lots of “I”s and such. That’s kind of inherent to the diary-style posts this place has too many of, but as I started trying to write less “hey this was my day” content I found that the writing style stuck with me. And it wasn’t a good thing. By now I’ve managed to identify that as the biggest problem with my sub-par posts, resulting in a fairly simple piece of advice.

Quick disclaimer though: Of course this doesn’t hold up for all types of blog posts, it’s mostly just for those that want to get an interesting message or piece of information across, and even then I’m not sure how “always good” an idea this is. But it’s worked pretty well for me so far, as challenging as it can be sometimes.

Subject matter comes before the author. If you can, write without referring to yourself. An anecdote is still valid without knowing you were one of the involved, a scene can still be described without putting yourself in the middle of it. Keeping this focus on the message rather than splitting it between that and involved parties may help shine a cleaner light on it, making for a better transfer of ideas.

And that can be hard. It requires changing up the way you structure your sentences, paragraphs, posts. You’re no longer taking the reader by the hand and walking them through, you’re sending them in alone. It’s different. It may or may not work well. It’s done the job for me though, so there’s that.

No, this post doesn’t follow my own advice. What did you expect?
~ Fang


  • 12/06/2016 (4:22 AM)

    I like the way you do your posts, though. I think that matters when you write a blog, putting a part of yourself in it. Making it personally relatable. If it says anything, the blog posts in which we tell stories about ourselves get at least twice as much traffic as the ones where we just post about random topics or events.

    With that said: mini rant. I absolutely hate when I’m looking online for a recipe, and I find a link to some housewife’s blog. And she doesn’t just post the recipe, no. First she tells us her entire life story. “This is a recipe that I first thought of because my son had come home from school and he had asked me blah blah blah blah” and it goes on for at least 4-5 paragraphs. Then you see a picture of the recipe. Okay, we’re in business. No, then you get 4-5 MORE paragraphs. “So here’s how I came up with all of the ingredients, because I’m such a genius. I thought that maybe instead of using this I could substitute that because my son is lactose intolerant and blah blah blah.” Then more pictures. Then 4-5 more paragraphs about getting the ingredients. “Okay, for this I went to the farmer’s market and got the freshest produce I could find because that always makes a difference, and I find that if you go to this particular store over this other store blah blah blah.”

    Long story short, you have to read an entire 5 page diary entry and see 20 pictures before you get to the actual recipe, which is just this tiny little thing at the very bottom.

    Inserting yourself into a blog post is great, but posting an entire novel about yourself and your day and your mundane existence when the actual topic is a 5 step banana nut muffin recipe is a guaranteed way for me to never come back to your site.

    • 12/06/2016 (1:17 PM)

      So basically, personality is good, but you don’t need any unrelated history of that personality.
      (Also, thanks. <3)

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