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22 06 16

New challengers

After having laid off on Smash for a while, I’m getting back into it again.

And what better way to do that than to meet up with someone in the same city as you! Met someone online who lives actually really close to me and was looking for a practice partner. Hit him up, we played a couple games online, and tonight we’ll be meeting for some locals. He’s way better than me, so he’s not going to get too much practice out of this, but I certainly am!

There’s a big event coming up in September, pretty much the largest Smash Bros tournament in the Netherlands. He said he’ll be participating, curious as to how he’ll stack up. And that’s really cool, jumping into a big tournament like that to measure your skill. Hopefully they’ll do proper seeding, otherwise he might get unlucky and get matched against a professional player in his first few games.

Gotta admit, I’m kind of excited for him! I wish I was at a point of skill where I could seriously consider participating without it quickly ending in disappointment. But for me to get that good, I think it’d take too much. And too much takes the fun out of the game, so I probably won’t be shooting for anything like that.

Oh well, at least I can still get my ass kicked in friendlies!
~ Fang


  • 24/06/2016 (4:50 AM)

    I think you should go for the tournament. If you get your ass handed to you at least you could say you tried. It could be a lot of fun. People do things like that knowing full well they’ll lose, but it’ll be fun.

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