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08 06 16

It’s different

Sometimes that’s all the reason you need.

In a world where risk-taking is often discouraged due to financial reasons or simply fear of rejection, it’s becoming rare to see vastly different ideas take the stand. Sure, there must be an end to originality somewhere, but I don’t think we’re anywhere close to reaching it yet. Because of the aforementioned, I always try and applaud people trying to bring something new to the table.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be good (though that will earn you much more than just applause), it just has to be a breath of fresh air. It gets real tiring real fast looking at the same kind of junk day in day out. If you can break up that flow, it automatically piques people’s interest. Gets them thinking rather than just witnessing something pass by.

Even if it flops, at least they tried and put something different forth, which in turn may inspire others.
~ Fang

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