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13 06 16

Dwindling choice

And another corp bites their dosh.

So, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for just a small twenty-six billion bucks, US. I had originally kind of reluctantly signed up for it, so far it hasn’t brought my much other than the peace of mind that recruiters won’t go wondering where my LinkedIn profile is, and I’m not sure if I want to keep it for forever. I probably need to. Yesterday that meant giving myself to LinkedIn. Today that means giving myself to Microsoft. Again.

Facebook acquires Oculus, WhatsApp, Microsoft acquires Xamarin, LinkedIn. Oh and all the other companies I didn’t name because you wouldn’t recognize them, a lot of this stuff happens comparatively quietly unless it’s a high-profile kind of deal. I can see why companies do it, but as a consumer, I’m no big fan. How long will it be before I don’t subscribe to the best services, but the services that belong to the company I already sold my soul to anyway?

For some reason it seems like the “end-game” for lots of tech companies is to be acquired by one of the big names. That’s all we see happening; something cool is made, it blows up, and the conglomerates throw money at it until it assimilates. And I know it doesn’t necessarily affect the end user, but it is very likely company values will change and focus will shift, however subtly.

And that’s far from always a good thing, sadly.
~ Fang


  • 16/06/2016 (2:59 PM)

    I agree that we need more diversity. But by that I mean more tech companies. Not more minorities in those tech companies. I’m a little torn on the issue though. I was sad when Microsoft acquired Minecraft, but I was happy that it made Notch a millionaire. It’s nice when there are less monopolies but it is also nice when the people who make things get to make some serious money from them too.

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