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14 06 16

Dev in the crowd

I’d say a god amongst men, but that might be overstating it a little.

There’s a specific kind of sadness I feel when a cool new product is announced and there is no focus on anything that’s not of interest to the most basic of end users. Say you’re releasing a new operating system (Looking at you, Apple. Rest in piece OS X.), of course it comes with all kinds of neat new features. But it also innovates in a slightly more technical department; a brand new, next-gen filesystem!

That’s a pretty big one I think, and it feels really silly to have to find out about it through third parties. This is the kind of shit savvy people have been begging for for years, and it doesn’t even get a passing mention in your presentation? Just a short little “over the coming days we’ll also be demoing other new features like our new filesystem” would have been more than enough for me, but instead you chose to cram in ten minutes of demoing for your photo collection application.

Sure, object and context detection is the bee’s knees and it’s absolutely amazing they’re bringing it to your own personal collection (though it probably stil runs off their servers, so eh), but couldn’t you have cut a single sentence out of that to make some room for other things that might be appreciated?

I can understand it though. Computers are super mainstream now, so you need to speak the language, as it were.
~ Fang

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