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Some people stress over questions they don’t have any answers to.

But what is the point of a question if not the time during which it cannot be answered? With that I don’t mean to say the purpose of questions is to be answered, no, quite the opposite. The purpose of questions is to have answers be sought. It is irrelevant whether or not an answer is eventually found, as long as it is searched for. Something about the journey itself being the destination, or similar.

Pondering the great questions of life, those intended for seeking purpose and validation beyond the kind we can bring each other, I feel no anxiety. Even though I know I will never have even a fraction of an answer to any of the questions that minds like ours naturally seek, I am content. Carrying those questions with me gets the internal monologue going, forces me to look at life from the grander perspective.

But if I had the answers ready, as if read right off Wikipedia, then what would be the point? If I had the answers, the questions would not provoke thought, they would not force that step backwards which is so important to take frequently. They would simply lose their purpose. And where’s the fun, excitement and discovery in that?

Enjoy the questions you don’t have any answers to.
~ Fang


  • 09/06/2016 (5:07 PM)

    Knowledge is a strange thing. Questions are fun, and so are answers, but I wouldn’t want to know everything. What happens to the journey of discovery then? It’s good to always be learning, always looking for answers.

  • 07/06/2016 (3:09 AM)

    “It’s the journey, not the destination” sort of thing, right?

    Yeah, I see that. If I had all the answers today, what would I do tomorrow?

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