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Fucking wow.
30 06 16

Unknown waters

I’m really surprised they didn’t teach us anything about this at school.

One of the biggest barriers of entry (at least for me personally) to contributing to open source software is the fact that you don’t know the code. You weren’t there as it was being built up from the ground, so you don’t have an immediate and complete understanding of how it’s structured or why certain choices were made. You’re missing a lot of knowledge that could help you work with the code, but it’s all very foreign.

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There’s a problem with the internet.

Identities on the internet are cheap. No, they’re free even. If you ever so desire, it is no effort at all to create a hundred alternate identities for yourself. It’s a special kind of anonymity, where you can never really be sure who the person you’re talking to actually is. Maybe they own a bunch of other identities under which they have committed shady behavior. There’s no way for you to tell. You can’t verify if someone has a healthy, positive reputation or not.

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The only escape is knowing it all.

There’s some things that just offer way too much to learn. Like programming, or video games! You discover something new, and try to find out all about it. But that information is founded on knowledge of other subjects, so you’ll probably need to get a handle on those too. Following that path, there’s always something deeper, some more fine-grained thing for you to learn.

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27 06 16

Turning around

Nearly as stupid as the kind where you abruptly turn around because you forgot something.

Not too long ago I mentioned how I had started playing Civilization V with friends, even though it wasn’t entirely my cup of tea. I may or may not be slowly turning that opinion around. Heck, I even played some single player today! I’ve really come to enjoy the early game; exploration, growth management, it’s pretty neat. Mid game is still a bit of a drag. Conquering neighboring city-states or civilizations is pretty fun even though I still mess my combat management up, but by that time I also have so many other units running around that controlling them all makes my turns take forever.

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We take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this news announcement.

Effective as of this moment, the Ministry of Special Affairs mandates notification and registration of all extraordinary abilities. Every individual found in possession of any such ability will be expected to carry a registration ID. Use of powers in public space will require a permit, valid for up to a month. Profiling during registration will no longer be exclusive to S-rank abilities.

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