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They’re nice aren’t they, dogs?

I’ll tell you what, they definitely are. And that’s coming from someone who’s never had a dog of his own and interacted very little with them, because he’s allergic. Though I guess that distance may be part of my infatuation with them, the unattainable is always shiny. Anyway, dogs aren’t “man’s best friend” without reason, and some of you may have experienced why. After a while, you just become so accustomed to each other, you can communicate pretty effectively even though you’re not the same species!

That goes for a whole lot of things though. If you spend enough time with someone, eventually you’ll start picking up on subtle cues in their behavior, their body language. You may not even notice you’re doing it, but years of being around someone just enables that. And while it’s two that good friends can talk without words, I think it’s even cooler a human can understand and talk to their dog, through some odd mix of verbal and non-verbal communication both parties have learned to use.

Truly the pinnacle of inter-species relations, don’t you think?
~ Fang


  • 06/05/2016 (5:53 PM)

    Not a big fan of dogs. Part of it is cultural – dogs just aren’t pets in the Middle East, and I’ve taken that in by osmosis.

    I like cats, though, and I can tell what is going on with mine by her behavior and noises.

    Usually without thinking about it and even without looking at her.

    Which is kind of weird, actually, now that I think about it…

  • 06/05/2016 (1:58 PM)

    Dogs are pretty cool. I’ve only had one and unfortunately it died before we could immunise it so I didn’t have one for very long. I’d like to get another but I have cats now. You’re right as well that when people come together they are able to talk without talking. There is a deep connection between great friends. It’s only by spending time together that people can truly come together.

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