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The suspicious figure pinched his chin, trying to imitate stroking a small beard. Livia wasn’t sure if he did it on purpose or was actually thinking hard. ‘I know!’ he suddenly spoke up, ‘If you are truly a member of the Redgarde family, making you queen of this city, then surely you possess one of the family blades?’

‘What, you mean this old thing?’ Without skipping a beat she reached for the holster on her back. Out of it she unsheathed a short dagger. The leather on the hilt had shriveled up and was practically falling off, and the blade it held wasn’t in much better condition. Underneath the chips and stains however, a small series of jewels could be found near the root of the blade. They looked like rubies, but could’ve been any reddish gemstone.

Narrowed eyes gave the dagger a quick scan before pulling back. ‘I– I fear I must apologize, your majesty.’ He kneeled down, head low. ‘Jean Roward, ready to serve you.’
Livia stammered. Royal weaponry? This dusty thing she took because she needed a stabber? Then was it the queen’s tomb she stole it from?
‘My queen.’ The knight gently laid a hand on her shoulder. ‘Are you feeling unwell?’
She noticed the shaking of her hands, stopped it, and sheathed the dagger. ‘Yes! I mean– No! I’m just really excited to have made it here is all!’
‘Yes, well.’ Jean looked away, then back at Livia. ‘Before I provide you with much-needed rest after a no doubt arduous travels, allow me to do the necessary introductions.’ He nodded towards the knight, a gesture which seemed oddly dismissive coming from him. ‘You have already met your knight, Carolas Fortier. He will protect you, even when it is not needed.’
Carolas clanged his feet together. His half-salute was enhanced by the broadest smile, almost putting shine onto his armor.
‘I myself will assist you in matters that do not revolve around bare strength. There is this and that I want to discuss with you, your majesty, but I can imagine you want to freshen up first.’

The cliffhanger this time is that I won’t tell if there’s more after this or not. (There is now!)
~ Fang


  • 31/05/2016 (3:36 AM)

    Well, I hope you don’t end it here, but if you do, at least we can all take away a valuable lesson here.

    Never leave home without a good stabber.

  • 30/05/2016 (2:25 PM)

    She’s a very lucky thief this one. She’s gone from stealing a purse, to stealing a rose, to stealing a dagger, to stealing a kingdom (queendom?) to stealing our hearts.

  • 29/05/2016 (3:09 AM)

    I like your fiction a lot.

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